"An holistic step for suffering people"

I would like to attempt to introduce CCSI to you.

CRISIS AND CONSULTATION SERVICES INTERNATIONAL was created out of vision.  The vision was first and foremost to see more souls come to Christ as individuals grapple with the contemporary reality of suffering, terrorism, fear and perpetual insecurity. George Barna said that we are living during a time of a “crisis of innovation because the church seems afraid to invest in new modes of being the Church.”  This is a new intervention for the church, a holistic step engaging in where people are at during suffering. In addition, with less and less people attending church, higher statistical indicators of atheism, agnosticism, and uncertainty, meeting people in their pain has become a means of intervention, as well as an opportunity for evangelism. Therefore, training others to understand suffering, pain, grief, trauma, and crisis, and incorporating this into “new” methods of evangelism is deemed essential.

The mission of CRISIS AND CONSULTATION SERVICES INTERNATIONAL is to partner with relief and ministry organizations, support relief and recovery efforts, and to offer training and consultation to churches, organizations, para-church groups and individuals in an effort to provide services, training, and direction in psychological intervention, counseling, and consultation.  The first is that of developing innovative strategic interventions that help train people to understand and deal with the effects of trauma, crisis, and grief; to comprehend the qualities defined by a “good responder,” and how to care for oneself in the midst of pain and difficulty. In addition, and most importantly, the purpose of this avenue of ministry is to learn how to offer His Presence in Crisis to a thirsty and needy world. The second is to create a ministry that allows us to co-labor with others to encourage and equip the work of the individual, the local church, and the community so that we can provide care and comfort, a cool cup of water, and a ministry of evangelism so that together we can win more souls to Christ.  The third venture is to provide counseling and psychotherapy to God’s choice servants, who are as subject to the effects and stresses of a fallen world as anyone else, yet who often have no one or few resources to reach out to.

I believe this to be a pioneering venture. This means to bring into existence a new concept.  Creating something that has never been done before is not easy, and yet there is a foundation for one whole aspect of this ministry evidenced in the “His Presence in Crisis” training manual and the seminar done under the same name.            

Thank you for your interest!